Birthday Saying for a Military Family Member

Marcelina Hardy, MSEd, BCC
Military Cupcake

Many service members must spend their birthdays away from family and friends. During these times, it helps to send some words to help the person feel better about being so far away on such a special day. Whether it's in a card, letter or email, including one of these birthday sayings will surely bring a smile to his face and warmth to his heart.

Birthday Sayings

The following birthday sayings were written by the author of this article.

  • The day you were born was the day you became a hero.
  • You've taken your life and used it to save others' lives.
  • Today is a celebration of one of the nation's best heroes.
  • The world wouldn't have been the same without you serving it the way you are doing.
  • What a way to celebrate a birthday - passing on the blessing of your life to others.
  • You were blessed with life and now you are blessing others with theirs.
  • Fight for freedom and come home proud birthday boy (girl).
  • You're not getting older, you're only getting stronger.
  • The military shows you how valuable your life is...Happy Birthday!
  • Every star in the sky is a wish to have you home soon.
  • Live free on your birthday!
  • Hold your gun high and cheer for your birthday - I know I am.
  • Deployed birthdays are sad but belated birthday homecomings are magical.
  • War makes you appreciate life...yours and everyone's around you.
  • Your life was created with purpose - to save lives.
  • You stand strong and proud putting your life on the line, now that is a happy birthday.
  • Take a step back and think how much better life is with you in it.
  • God sent you as a blessing to bless others.
  • You are a messenger of God and you are fulfilling that duty with strength and pride.
  • I'll be celebrating your birthday with you in my thoughts and heart.
  • I am sending you wishes of love on your birthday, no matter the distance.

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Special Tip on Choosing the Perfect Saying

Take a minute to imagine what it feels like to sit with a group of people around you on your birthday, but long for the comfort of your loved one's embrace. Imagining what your service member is feeling on his special day will help you choose or write the saying that will touch his heart in just the right way. Always remember that it's the thought that counts; any saying you send specially to him on his birthday will mean the world to him.

Birthday Saying for a Military Family Member