10 Funny Mother's Day Cards to Make Her Laugh

two children surprise their mother

Motherhood is full of humorous moments, and you know best how to make your mom laugh hard. This Mother's Day, give Mom the gift of laughter with a funny Mother's Day card. Click on the card you find hilarious to download and print it. Check out the troubleshooting guide if you need help getting the free printable Mother's Day cards.

Borrowing Money Mother's Day Card

Kids always seem to need to borrow money from Mom, no matter how old they get. This funny card features the classic joke about the child needing to borrow money to get Mom a great gift for Mother's Day.

Borrow money card

Food Sharing Mother's Day Card

Little kids always want whatever Mom is eating. This card is great for younger kids to give because it plays off the Mom hack of saying everything is spicy just so they don't have to share with their kids.

Spicy sharing card

Mom Joke Card

Show off your standup comedy skills with a fun mom joke card. The card features the idea that moms lose their identity once they become moms.

Mom joke card

Super Mom Card

Moms might be super heroes, but they have some really unattractive powers like wiping butts and functioning without sleep. Show Mom she's your personal super hero with this silly card.

Super mom card

Cheapskate Mother's Day Card

If your mom is frugal, she'll love this card with a cheapskate joke about it being so bad because it's from the Clearance section.

Cheapskate mom card

Kids Are Payback Card

A play on the old adage that kids are payback for your own childhood and what you put your mother through, this card is great for moms and grandmas on Mother's Day.

Payback card

All About Me Mother's Day Card

She's only a mother because she had you and don't let her forget it! This "all about me" Mother's Day card highlights the true stars of Mother's Day, the kids.

All about me card

Dragon Queen Mother's Day Card From Daughter

This card from a daughter to a mother features a fun joke about dragon queens and how they're usually overthrown in legends by their daughters. Geeks and fantasy fans will love this mythological and funny Mother's Day message from a daughter.

Dragon queen card from daughter

Sun Mother's Day Card From Son

The solar system revolves around the sun, and this card is a reminder to a mother from a son that he's the center of her universe. Anyone looking for a funny mothers day quote from a son will love this Mother's Day pun card.

Son/sun card

Funny Mother's Day Card for Your Wife

If you need a printable funny mothers day cards for your wife, consider this simple, yet true joke card. The joke is that the kids aren't great at celebrating Mom, so the dad attempts to fulfill that duty.

Mother’s Day card for wife

Funny Things to Write in a Mother's Day Card

While printable funny Mother's Day cards are already bursting with humor, adding a funny mother's day poem or mother quote can make it more personal and hilarious. If you know your mom's sense of humor well, you'll know exactly what to write in her Mother's Day card.

  • Point out a memory of a funny moment you shared at any point in your life.
  • Take the biggest mom complaint your mom has and find a way to make it into a joke or pun.
  • Use light humor to ensure it's taken as a joke and not misinterpreted as an insult.
  • If you're artistic, draw a funny cartoon for your mom instead of writing a message.
  • Alter the best one liner jokes or cheesy jokes for kids to fit the Mother's Day theme.

Give Mom the Gift of Laughter

One of the gifts moms really want for Mother's Day is a heartfelt message from their kids. Whether you make a Mother's Day card or use a printable Mother's Day cards for kids, add a sweet and funny message to all your Mother's Day crafts. Moms often have to be very serious and organized, so giving her a chance to let loose and laugh can mean a lot.

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10 Funny Mother's Day Cards to Make Her Laugh