10 Mother's Day Cards Guaranteed to Make Your Mom Laugh

Mother's Day Card at NobleWorks
Mother's Day Card at NobleWorks

Forget the sickly sweet and cutesy this Mother's Day. On this day to honor all moms we're all about rolling on the floor laughing with a round-up of some of the best laugh-out-loud Mother's Day cards. All of these are but a click away and are sure to make your mom laugh.

1. Childproofing for Real!

Hey, at least now that you're a grown woman, you can totally share a joke with dear mom about what most moms really wished child-proofing the house actually meant with this card.

2. You Know I'm the Favorite

Yeah, you know it! Mom always loved you best. Commemorate that fact with a card that truly shows your appreciation for all your mom had to endure with your siblings.

3. Head for the Hills!

C'mon on now, there's no pretending that your mom never thought about heading for the hills during her time on mom duty. Yup, you've got her number now. Give her a card that let's her know you appreciate the fact that she stuck around. Time to fess up mama dearest!

4. Bye Bye Boobs

In exchange for you, her darling child, your mom now has her saggy breasts as a memento of motherhood. And this card too.

5. Mom Knows Best!

Of course, what more could any mom want this Mother's Day than to hear her offspring telling her she was right all along, preferably in card format.

6. The Therapist Mom

Now you can finally recognize that your mom's greatest moment was not that of your teacher, but that of your money-saving therapist.

7. What???! Turning Into Your Mother?

The ongoing Mother's Day joke of turning into your mother is taken to the next level with moob-ish hilarity in this card. Priceless!

8. True Mama Love

Time to laugh at the greatest expression of mom love... namely, not putting your nightmare younger self up for adoption at the first opportunity.

9. Crazy Old You!

At one stage, calling your mom crazy would be crossing the line. Now it's just for laughs! Give her a card that truly acknowledges your new found camaraderie.

10. Hunk or Not

Give your mom the hunky gift she has always been dreaming of in virtual form this Mother's Day with this e-card. Oops! or maybe not.

Don't you feel a whole lot better about not finding an appropriate gift for Mother's Day now you have these in your armory?

10 Mother's Day Cards Guaranteed to Make Your Mom Laugh