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125+ Uplifting Mother-Daughter Quote

Cheerful mother and daughter

Quotes about a mother-daughter relationship can be uplifting and inspiring. Choose one or more that fits your circumstances to add to a birthday scrapbook page or print on a pair of mother-daughter t-shirts.

Quotes for Newborn Baby Girl From Her Mother

You can use touching quotes that are uplifting to memorialize the birth of your daughter. If you're keeping a baby book or making a scrapbook, one or more of these quotes could be just what you need to complete a photo or scrapbook page.

  1. A mother prayed for a child and her daughter answered the call.
  2. Whatever a daughter needs, her mother will gladly give.
  3. Before her daughter arrived, her mother never knew she could love someone so much!
  4. A daughter is a precious gift that a mother cherishes forever!
  5. There is just one word that a mother thinks when she first sees her newborn daughter - love!
  6. A daughter is the shining star of her mother's life.
  7. When a mother looks at her daughter, she sees eternity.
  8. A daughter is a wonderment that fills a mother with great joy!
  9. No one can imagine how much love fills a mother's heart when she first sees her baby daughter.
  10. A mother's heart bursts with joy the first time her baby daughter smiles at her.
  11. Some mothers never cared for the color pink until the day their daughter were born.
  12. It's amazing how a little daughter gives a mom such powerful feelings.
  13. A baby girl holds her mother's heart between her hands forever.
  14. A daughter is an inspiration for her mom to become more than she is.
  15. A mother's prayer for her daughter is to grow strong, be true to herself, and always follow her heart.
  16. When a mom looks into her daughter's eyes, she sees the world unfolding in renewed wonderment.
  17. A mom often wonders how it is possible for a baby girl is such a powerful force in her life.
  18. A mom will discover her powerful maternal instinct the moment her daughter takes that first breath.
  19. When a mother and daughter meet for the first time, it's like they're looking in a mirror.
  20. A mom will always love her daughter.
  21. A mom's Mini-Me is always perfect.
  22. A mom welcomes her daughter into the world as the precious pearl she is.
  23. A mom's wish for her daughter is to have a happy and healthy life doing what she loves most.
  24. The twinkle in a daughter's eyes tells a mom she'll be full of life and curiosity.
  25. A mom loves her daughter, cares for her, introduces her to the world, and teaches her how to live a good life.
Quote for Newborn Baby Girl from Her Mother

Quotes for a Mother and Young Daughter

It's important to let your daughter know her value to you all the time. As she is growing up, this kind of reinforcement ensures she has a good self-image and understanding of how much she means to you.

  1. A daughter is an amazing child of God given to a mom to love.
  2. Nothing is more important in a mother's life than her daughter.
  3. A daughter brings a new world to a mom.
  4. Time goes by too swiftly whenever a mom and daughter spend time together.
  5. Mom and daughter arts and crafts day is my favorite time!
  6. A daughter makes everything in life worthwhile for a mom.
  7. Hairdo night is always a fine time for a mom and daughter!
  8. Playing dress up is a mother and daughter happy place.
  9. A close mother-daughter relationship is one to be grateful for every day.
  10. A mother and daughter who garden together, stay together.
  11. A daughter is a wonderful gift to a loving mother.
  12. A daughter makes a mother's heart sing!
  13. A daughter's smile gives a mother peace.
  14. A daughter's laughter is the most sacred music a mom will ever hear.
  15. Tea parties, make believe, and finger painting are mother and daughter favorite things.
  16. A daughter and mother enjoy playing games filled with laughter!
  17. A mother watches her daughter bloom like a flower in a garden.
  18. Mom and daughter gamers understand the importance of team work.
  19. A blessed life is one shared as mother and daughter.
  20. A mom is a confidant to a daughter for life.
  21. Letting a daughter make her own mistakes is the hardest part of being a mom.
  22. A mom is a mentor, friend, confidant, and cheering squad for her daughter.
  23. A daughter and mom are a force to be reckoned with.
  24. The best team is a mom and daughter.
  25. When a daughter has a loving mom, she is empowered for life.
Quote for a Mother and Young Daughter

Uplifting Original Quotes for Mother and Adult Daughter

When your daughter becomes an adult, you may want to express how proud you are of her. You may find a quote the ideal way to tell her what she means to you.

  1. When my daughter was born, the nurse announced, 'Meet your little shopping buddy! And we've been proving her right ever since!'
  2. A daughter is a mom's sunshine and always makes her happy!
  3. A daughter is the best part of the mother brought to life.
  4. A mom quickly discovers her daughter outshines anything she ever imagined.
  5. A mom is proud of her daughter and the person she becomes.
  6. One day, a mother turned around and discovered her daughter had grown into an amazing woman.
  7. As a child, a daughter is the answer to a mother's prayer, as a teenager, she is a blessing and as an adult, she becomes everything her mother ever dreamed for her.
  8. Daughter, when you have your own daughter, I hope she is as special and wonderful as you are to me.
  9. A mother and daughter bond is born of blood but nurtured with love.
  10. A daughter is a mother's joy.
  11. A mother watches her daughter grow and finds great joy in watching her become a strong and capable woman.
  12. A daughter is a special one-of-a-kind.
  13. A daughter is more than a mother's child; she is the mother's hopes and dreams given life.
  14. For a mom, there is nothing more precious than a daughter.
  15. Heaven wept to see you leave but rejoiced when you became my daughter.
  16. I never dreamed I'd be so fortunate to have someone like you for my daughter!
  17. Of all the things a mother achieves in life, a daughter is her biggest accomplishment.
  18. A mother teaches her daughter to stand on her own two feet and make her life what she wills it to be.
  19. A mother and daughter are best friends for life.
  20. When a daughter becomes an adult, her mother finds she has a new best friend.
  21. Life with a daughter is always unpredictable but filled with love.
  22. A daughter is her own person, and that's how her mother raised her.
  23. No daughter of a strong mother can be co-dependent since she was raised to be self-sufficient.
  24. A daughter may have her father's smile and her mother's eyes, but her spirit is all hers.
  25. A mother understands her daughter like no one else ever will.
Quote for Mother and Adult Daughter

Quotes for an Adopted Daughter From Mom

Adopting a daughter is one of the biggest acts of love. When you bond with your adopted baby girl, you realize being a mom isn't about blood relations, but the heart.

  1. An adoptive mom sings gratitude and praises when she finally finds her daughter.
  2. God blesses an adoptive mom by bringing her daughter into her life!
  3. An adoptive mom chooses to love her daughter forever.
  4. An adopted daughter is a special gift that a mother appreciates forever.
  5. The bond between an adoptive mom and her daughter is strong since they were brought together by loving and caring forces.
  6. Being an adoptive mom is changing diapers, caring for her daughter, celebrating her accomplishments, marking each milestone, and loving it when she calls you, Mom.
  7. God found a way for the two of you to be together and share your lives as mother and daughter.
  8. For an adoptive mom, being chosen to be a little girl's mom is the single best gift she's ever received.
  9. An adoptive mom feels honored and humbled that she's been granted the opportunity for a little girl to become her own daughter.
  10. A mom's life is complete the day a little girl becomes her daughter.
  11. Mom and daughter has a sacred and happy ring to it!
  12. Calling an adopted child daughter is a new mom's most favorite thing to say.
  13. An adopted daughter can never fully appreciate the joy and love her new mom feels.
  14. Being adopted simply means a mom gets to hand-pick her daughter.
  15. An adopted daughter is extra-special and beloved by her new mom.
  16. We became mom and daughter because we needed each other to make life feel complete.
  17. Moms make many decisions in life, but to adopt a little girl is one of her best.
  18. When a little girl is adopted, the new mom's heart grows bigger and overflows with love and happiness.
  19. A mom's heart bursts with love and pride the day she signs adoption papers and that little girl becomes her daughter.
  20. An adoptive mom's most favorite word is daughter!
  21. A mom is grateful when she gets to call her adopted child, my daughter!
  22. No words can ever express how much an adopted daughter means to her adoptive mom, so she finds herself showered with hugs and kisses.
  23. An adopted daughter is extra special since she is destined to be with her adoptive mom.
  24. An adopted daughter is a lucky child when a wonderful woman claims her as her own and raises her with love and kindness.
  25. When a mom adopts a daughter, the daughter also adopts a mom.
Quote for an Adopted Daughter from Mom

Moving Through Hardships as Mother and Daughter

Life can be difficult and messy. A mother's love keeps a family together and guides her daughter through the rough patches.

  1. Life cannot pull a mom and daughter apart. They are glued together by love, respect, kindness, and wonderful memories.
  2. A grateful mom is thankful every day for her wonderful daughter.
  3. A loving mother teaches her daughter to have faith in her own abilities.
  4. A life that is defeating for one girl may only be challenging to a daughter taught by her mother to be a flexible problem-solver.
  5. A daughter with resilience and perseverance is a living testimony to the mom who equipped her to handle life's challenges.
  6. A daughter who grows under extreme trials, but always gets back on her feet with a positive attitude, has a mom cheering her on.
  7. A daughter who knows her self-worth and isn't afraid to exert her free will when necessary was raised by a strong mom.
  8. A mom teaches her daughter to stand up for her rights and to think for herself.
  9. A mother and daughter relationship is not a fragile thing and can hold up under all opposition.
  10. A mom and daughter who spend soccer ball games, Girl Scout outings, ballet recitals, and taekwando together are persistent and dedicated to seeing things through to the end, together.
  11. A daughter never goes through heartache alone. Her mom is always there to comfort and support.
  12. A mom has a cherished friend in a grown daughter.
  13. You've never faced a fiercer opponent until you put yourself between a mother and her daughter.
  14. The bond between a mother and her daughter is magical.
  15. The mysterious relationship between a mother and daughter is more powerful than anything of this world.
  16. A mother and daughter can withstand anything when they work together.
  17. When a daughter is in pain, a mom knows what to say and do to make her feel better.
  18. A mother's job is to love and support her daughter and fight to protect her at all costs.
  19. Overcoming hardships and heartaches is something a mother teaches her daughter with grace and endless love.
  20. A daughter is never alone as long as she has her mom.
  21. You'll immediately regret any attempt to divide a mother and daughter, when their fury turns on you.
  22. The bond between a mother and daughter can shoulder the burdens of the world.
  23. A mother understands her daughter's growing pains into adulthood and stands ready to answer any cry for help.
  24. A mother gives unconditional love to her daughter, who draws from this powerhouse of strength and faith.
  25. A daughter knows she always has a home wherever her mother resides.
Moving Through Hardships as Mother and Daughter

Deciding on the Perfect Mother-Daughter Quote

There are many events and situations when you may want a perfect mother-daughter quote. You can find the ideal quote to represent your special relationship.

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125+ Uplifting Mother-Daughter Quote