37 Single Mom Quotes That Celebrate Inner Strength

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Single mom quotes can be funny or uplifting. You can use a single mom quote for inspiration and encouragement when circumstances grow challenging.

Funny Single Mom Quotes

The challenges a single mom faces can be lessened when you maintain a sense of humor. You may find a few funny single mom quotes are a good way to ease through an obstacle or tough situation.

  • It's just math: One single mom equals a few good men.
  • Single moms know all the right answers when kids challenge her, they're usually, "No!"
  • Single moms know that time is just like a kid; you have to watch it, or it'll get away from you.
  • Hold the line, is a single mom's mantra.
  • A single mom has one united front, herself.

Reality of a Single Mom Quotes

A single mom's job can be difficult, especially when something goes wrong. A few reality checks of single mom quotes can express how you may feel from time to time.

  • Single moms are warrior heroes who take on the world each day.
  • Single moms may understand the harsh realities of life, but they focus on the positives.
  • Single moms can cook dinner, help with homework, and research a work project at the same time.
  • Single moms know that when it's all said and done, they are the only one held responsible.
  • Single moms have only themselves as backup.
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Uplifting Single Mom Quotes

The daily challenges of being a single mom can bear down on you. However, a few uplifting single mom quotes can inspire and offer moments of encouragement.

  • Single moms do it best and do it every day by keeping their family together.
  • Single moms are the stars in their children's eyes.
  • Single moms are acrobats and know how to balance life.
  • Single moms rule! Just ask my kids.
  • Single moms are super moms! All alone, they raise kids, earn a living, run a household, and still make time to listen to a friend's problems.
  • Single moms have a sixth sense that just might be a secret super power.
  • Give a single mom a break, no one deserves it more than she.
  • A single mom never rests, if she doesn't her kids will break something, punch someone, or do something they shouldn't.
  • Single moms develop this amazing self-defense- they sleep with one eye open.
  • Single moms have heard every excuse, debunked every tall tale, and broken up more fights than a referee for the UFC.

Being a Single Mom Quotes

  • A single mom quote may best describe how you feel about being a single mom. Even though it is challenging and difficult, you may discover that being a single parent has very rewarding moments. A single mom quote might just become your badge of honor.
  • Being a single mom is like having your hair on fire and your kids hiding the water hose from you.
  • It's the little things in life that you appreciate most when you're a single mom because they seem so little when they sleep.
  • Life as a single mom means you have to make the tough decisions all by yourself.
  • A single mom understands that she has the final say on everything and shoulders all the responsibility it brings.
  • Single moms don't expect special treatment, which makes it extra special when they receive it.
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Single Mom Inspirational Quotes

Sometimes, a single mom needs a little inspiration to keep going. A single mom quote may deliver that needed pep talk to keep you moving forward regardless of the roadblocks.

  • Single moms don't know the words, can't, won't, shouldn't, and didn't.
  • If you don't want a single mom teaching you a valuable lesson, then don't stand in her way.
  • Getting what she needs is something a single mom mastered on her first day as a single parent.
  • Single moms don't accept excuses as reasons.
  • Single moms know all the tricks, since her kids tried all of them the first month she was a single parent.

Quotes for Single Mom From Her Children

Children of a single mom witness the many sacrifices she makes for them. The children tend to appreciate their mom and all she does for them. A single mom quote is a perfect way to express their gratitude.

  • We are the children of a single mom who taught us how to live a grateful and abundant life.
  • Our single mom makes sure we never feel as though we're missing a parent.
  • Our single mom has magical powers; no matter how much we plan and scheme, we can never fool her.
  • As children of a single mom, we learned to never underestimate the power of a woman on a mission.
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Quotes for Single Mom From Her Daughter

Children often provide the greatest inspiration and appreciation for a single mom quote. If your daughter understands the enormous responsibilities you shoulder by yourself, then she has a greater appreciation for everything you do for her.

  • As your daughter, I appreciate your many sacrifices to provide me with a safe and secure home life.
  • As the daughter of a single mom, I hope when I have children, I can inspire and encourage them the way you have me.
  • As the daughter of a single mom, I've watched my mom do the impossible and stand in awe of her amazing persistence and resilience.

Using Single Mom Quotes Each Day

You can choose a few single mom quotes to express the inner strengths you have. The successful raising of children as a single mom is a testament to your dedication and love for your children.

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37 Single Mom Quotes That Celebrate Inner Strength