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40 Family Drama Quotes to Help You Deal

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Family drama quotes can help you recognize there is a family problem. When there is family drama, the entire family struggles to find ways to deal with the upset.

Family Drama Quotes With Advice

Sometimes a few quotes offering advice on ways to deal with family drama can be helpful. Learning not to take family drama too seriously can help you cope with disruptive family members.

  1. "I know all your flaws, but I love you anyway."
  2. "Love means you accept each other for who you are."
  3. "Family dynamics are complicated and usually messy."
  4. "We learn our greatest lessons in life through family."
  5. "Family do not need to be your personal soap opera."
  6. "Family drama is nerve racking; tanking up on caffeine doesn't help."
  7. "I've given up family drama for Lent."
  8. "You simply cannot fix another person. They must do it on their own."
  9. "Life isn't supposed to be a never-ending family drama."
  10. "Best ways to destress after family drama? Wine and chocolate!

Family Quotes to Help You Deal With Drama Queens

If your family has a drama queen, you know the ups and downs of family gatherings and how nothing can be turned into something. A few quotes can help you deal with this type of difficult family member, and sometimes a little humor is helpful.

  1. "If the family dram queen stirs up a family storm, she can't complain when family members rain down on her."
  2. "Give your family drama queen a loving hug and then continue with what you were doing."
  3. Pay no attention to the person behind the curtain; it's just the family drama queen."
  4. "When the drama queen arrives, everyone pretend you're busy and ignore her."
  5. "It feels like sacrilege that DQ is also the same initials as drama queen."
  6. "A drama queen is the enemy of peace and quiet."
  7. "Sometimes, the family drama queen just needs to be shown the door."
  8. "A family intervention for your drama queen may solve everything."
  9. "Next time the family drama queen starts performing, present the details of your local little theater and encourage her to attend tryouts."
  10. "Not every family has a drama queen, and no family wants one."
  11. "Family drama queens thrives on upsetting the family, so remain calm and ignore."
  12. "The family drama queen wants attention, so give it to her and then post the video on social media."
Family quote to deal with drama queen

Family Drama On Social Media Can Be Avoided

Some families insist on displaying their family drama on social media. Even if your Facebook posts are seen only by family members, it isn't the best forum for resolving family issues. Grievances and discussions should be done in-person.

  1. "Facebook isn't responsible for your family drama; whoever posted the photos is!"
  2. "It's easy to avoid family drama, just don't log on Facebook."
  3. "Social media, FaceTime and Skype are family drama free zones."
  4. "Avoid social media family drama by treating your family the way you treat your best friend."
  5. "Reminder, Facebook isn't a personal diary for venting about family drama."
  6. "Treat social media like being alone on stage in your school auditorium and the whole school is watching your family drama unfold."
  7. "Take a breath before posting family drama on social media."
  8. "Once you post family drama on social media, there's no going back."
  9. "You've been nominated for the "Most Embarrassing Family Drama Posted on Social Media Award."
  10. "Refrain from posting on social media about family drama at least one day, and you'll be so relieved that you waited.
Family drama on social media can be avoided

Ignoring Family Drama Is One Way to Deal With It

If you can turn a deaf ear to the family drama, you can continue with whatever you were doing prior to the interruption. You can try countering the chaos with a simple everyday action to stop the unfolding drama in its tracks.

  1. "Zoning out in the midst of family drama is a self-survival art form."
  2. "Singing during family drama puts the skids on quickly."
  3. "When family drama erupts, join in with the humming sound of a vacuum cleaner."
  4. "In the midst of family drama, speak softly to anyone yelling at you, forcing them to be quiet so they can hear you."
  5. "Warning, this is the family drama free zone."
  6. "Family drama is a sign of a bigger underlying issue that needs discussing."
  7. "Solution for when the family drama starts up: Walk away!"
  8. "Family drama can change everything in family dynamics with simple attitude adjustments."
Ignoring family drama

Family Drama Quotes Can Help to Relieve Tensions

The danger of family drama is the heightening of emotions and loss of reason. Sometimes a few family drama quotes can help you maintain your composure and keep things in perspective.

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40 Family Drama Quotes to Help You Deal