50+ Family Reunion Quotes: Funny, Cute, & Inspirational

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Family reunion quotes from author Michele Meleen provide an easy way to share your love of family with close and distant relatives. Let your family know how happy you are to see them by including loving quotes on family reunion invitations, family reunion favors, reunion memory books, or family reunion t-shirts.

Funny Family Reunion Quotes

If your family is known for having a great sense of humor, funny family reunion quotes are a must. These quotes work great for invitations to help set the mood for fun at the reunion.

  • Welcome to the annual gathering of people who all have the same nose (or other common facial feature)!
  • Some of us were born into the (Insert family last name) family, others were crazy enough to join by choice.
  • Like seagulls flocking to bread crumbs, our family is ready to fight for (Insert person's name)'s famous (Insert popular dish name) at this year's (Insert family last name) Family Reunion!
  • Nothing is more awkward than a large family reunion. Half the people don't know who anyone is and the other half know way too much about everyone.
  • There is an "I" in "family," but I know this reunion's not all about me.
  • What happens at the (Insert family last name) reunion, stays at the reunion.
  • Family reunions would be great if they weren't crawling with aunts!
  • The gang's getting back together. Remember, as far as anyone knows we're all at the (Insert family last name) reunion of our own free will.
Funny Family Reunion Quotes

Cute Family Reunion Quotes for T-shirts

Quotes for family reunion t-shirts should be short, but can be funny, serious, or sentimental. If you have a family reunion theme, look for a family reunion t-shirt saying that fits the theme. No matter which shirt phrase you use, be sure to add your family last name too.

  • Like a good family, reunion shirts we will wear! (Insert family last name) for life.
  • Family gives me all the feels. (Insert family last name) reunion (Insert year).
  • Sun's out, fun's out! (Insert family last name) reunion (Insert year).
  • I speak fluent (Insert family last name). It takes one to know one. Reunion (Insert year).
  • ROFL (Reunited Original Family Love) with the (Insert family last name).
  • Got roots? (Insert family last name) family tree; growing strong since (Insert first year of family reunion)j.
  • Twinning with my fam. (Insert family last name) family reunion (Insert year).
  • We are family. I got all my relatives with me. (Insert family last name and year).
  • You couldn't build a family this cool if you had all the ice cubes in the world.

Short Family Reunion Quotes for Pictures

Add a short quote to family reunion favors that turn them from little gifts to lifetime keepsakes.

  • Forget putting eggs in a basket, we got all our family members in one photo!
  • Family never looked so good.
  • (Insert family last name)'s at our finest - together.
  • When the (Insert family last name)'s get together, you can expect to capture the meaning of family.
  • Related by blood, bonded by love.
  • A family reunion picture's worth a thousand generations.
  • The family who smiles together, stays together.
  • The (Insert family last name) will always be a great masterpiece.
Short Family Reunion Quotes

Nice Quotes About Family to Share at a Reunion

From family photo display boards to the family meeting at your reunion, quotes about keeping family together are perfect for sharing at this type of event.

  • You can't choose your family, but you can choose to attend the family reunion.
  • Family reunions are the place where you remember where you came from.
  • A family reunion is more than a party, it's the chance to celebrate your heritage.
  • A family reunion is the greatest tradition you could ever start and never end.
  • Honor your ancestors by keeping their memory alive at an annual family reunion.
  • When a whole family comes together, each person feels complete.
  • Extended family is the village within which you build your home.

Happy Family Gathering Quotes

Happy and cute family quotes about gathering together are fitting for family reunions of all sizes.

  • Like raking the leaves in fall, gathering all the leaves from our family tree should be an annual tradition.
  • The act of gathering as a family strengthens the connections made long ago.
  • Getting together as a family is like putting all the chapters in a book, you need each member for the family to make sense.
  • Our cornucopia is full as family has gathered.
  • Each year we harvest our family by pickup up at our roots to provide an abundance of love.
  • On our own, we are great, but gathered, we are perfect.
  • Family: happy apart, happier together.
Happy Family Gathering Quotes

Inspirational Quotes About Family Time

Hit a more sentimental note when you include inspirational family quotes and quotes about family time in your reunion.

  • The best time is (Insert family last name) family time.
  • My favorite holiday of the year is the annual (Insert family last name) family reunion day!
  • The time you spend with family keeps your inner clock running.
  • The time you enjoy with family is never wasted.
  • Time flies when you're with family.
  • The time spent with family can never be taken away.
  • There's always time for a family reunion!

Heartfelt Quotes About Being Reunited

Let everyone know how grateful you are for the opportunity to be together in your family reunion speech with sweet quotes about being reunited.

  • A family reunion is like finding all your soul mates at once.
  • It takes a whole family to be reunited.
  • Family reunions are the reward for all of life's hard decisions.
  • When a family comes together, the love creates a wave that can be felt around the world.
  • Our ancestors unite us, our family union reunites us.
  • Family reunions reunite the hearts that were meant to beat as one.
  • Reunions reunite family for life.

What to Say at a Family Reunion

Part of planning a family reunion includes deciding what to say on invitations, shirts, displays, and mementos. Let your family know how happy you are to see them all by including meaningful family quotes everywhere you can.

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50+ Family Reunion Quotes: Funny, Cute, & Inspirational