Happy Easter to Family and Friends: 40+ Upbeat Messages

Published January 4, 2021
Family preparing place settings at easter dining table

You can share a happy Easter message with family and friends. Happy and positive messages can help family and friends celebrate this special holiday together.

Religious Messages for a Happy Easter Family and Friends

Whether you're texting or writing a message for an Easter card, you want to give your family and friends a special sentiment for this religious holiday. A few quotes that you can ensure your Easter message conveys exactly what you want to say.

  • Rejoice on this joyful day!
  • Sing praises to God on this special day!
  • God so loved the world...
  • Happy Easter, praise the Lord!
  • May you hold gratitude and thanksgiving in your heart on this holiest of days!
  • Easter morning reigns victorious!
  • Happy Easter to all believers!
  • Glory be to God on Easter Day!
  • The sun shines brighter on the Holy day of Easter.
  • Keep a song in your heart on Easter day.
Wooden cross at sunset and Easter message

Messages About the Resurrection of Christ

For Christians, Easter is the most holy of all religious holidays. Christians believe that Jesus Christ died for their sins and on the third day rose again from the dead, resurrected by his father, God. This is the tenet of Christianity, and it is very fitting to share this truth with your family and friends in an appropriate message.

  • Christ has risen! Rejoice!
  • Easter is the day of resurrection.
  • The Son has risen!
  • The Easter sun has risen and so has the Son of God!
  • Easter is the final destination of Holy Week!
  • Jesus Christ is the way to eternal life! Happy Easter!
  • Happy Easter! Christ died on the cross for your sins.
  • Jesus gave his life so you could have eternal life. Happy Easter!
  • All that belief in him shall have eternal life. Happy Easter!
  • Christ is the resurrection and the life! Happy Easter!
  • Happy Easter! Your path to life eternal was paved by Christ's sacrifice.
  • Let us remember the true celebration of Easter is for the resurrection of our Lord!

Non-Religious Messages of Happy Easter to My Family

You may prefer messages that are non-religious. You can send a more generalized yet, just as joyful a Happy Easter message to your family.

Easter Bunny and Dyed Eggs

You may want to send a message to your family and friends on Easter about the tradition of an Easter egg hunt. You can have fun expressing different sentiments about Easter bunnies, baskets and candy.

  • This Easter Bunny didn't forget to wish you a Happy Easter!
  • The Easter Bunny was busy this morning hiding eggs just for you!
  • Don't let the Easter Bunny fool you, there are plenty more eggs where those came from.
  • My Easter wish for you is dyed Easter eggs and a basket full of candy.
  • May the Easter Bunny be with you!
  • Easter bunnies are your friend. They bring bright colorful eggs and candy!

Happy Easter Wishes to Family and Friends

You may prefer to send messages to family and friends about shared Easter memories. A message is a wonderful way to convey your wishes for a Happy Easter.

  • Happy Easter, Mom and Dad, from your little bunny!
  • Happy Easter, brother, don't bother. I already found all the eggs.
  • Happy Easter, sister. Let's hide all the eggs from brother!
  • Happy Easter, I always share my Easter basket with friends.
  • Happy Easter to all my friends from the reigning Easter Egg Hunt champion!
  • May we always hippity hoppity together! Happy Easter!
  • Happy Easter, honey. May all your Easters be as wonderful as this one!
  • Happy Easter, to my best friend who always let me find more eggs.
  • Happy Easter, darling, I'm so glad you hopped into my life!
  • Happy Easter, baby! Here's to another year of searching for that last hidden Easter egg.
  • Pst...When you believe in the Easter bunny, you get stuff like candy and colored eggs.
  • May your Easter be filled with love and an endless supply of marshmallow chicks and chocolate eggs.
  • On Easter morning, you can gauge how much you're loved by the size of the Easter basket.
  • When a family comes together at Easter, it's all about the little things, like ham, deviled eggs, potato salad, colored eggs, and candy!
Mom is doing face painting for her daughter and Easter message

Happy Easter to Family and Friends

A wonderful way to wish a Happy Easter to family and friends is with a message of good cheer. You can tailor your Easter messages to fit each friend and family member so they are special.

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Happy Easter to Family and Friends: 40+ Upbeat Messages