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Mother's Day Poems

Alison Jean Thomas
Flowers and gift with mother’s day card

Sometimes it's hard to put into words how much your mother means to you. Expressing your love in a poem is a unique way to tell mom you care.

Original Poems

Use these original poems in a card or letter for Mother's Day. She'll be touched by a sentiment that can't be found anywhere else.


This is your day;
I rejoice with you.
Your loving, compassionate heart,
Your wisdom and your depth,
You soothe me when I feel confused,
You make me smile and laugh.

This is your day;
I applaud you.
Unconquerable and strong,
You meet every challenge,
When things go wrong
You sustain me.

This is your day;
I celebrate with you.
You help me strive and dream,
Respond to every plea,
You bear me with you
-I bear you with me.

My Mother.


Daughter giving flowers to mother

Your kiss was the cure-
Scuffed knees, grazed elbows and much more,
You made them better.

Later your hug, a chat, worked wonders too,
So here is my warmest embrace to you.
-You know you are loved.

So Many Reasons Why I Love You

How many special reasons for why I love you so?
Perhaps I'd better make a list
Then you'll be sure to know.

I cannot lie
You make great pie
Your cakes are even better,
But that's not why
I'll write this rhyme
And put it in a letter.

I love your smile
I love your hugs
I love the way you laugh.
I love it when you wave to me
As I walk up the path.

'Cos when I'm coming home to you
That's what I love the most
And knowing that I'll see your face
I have to make a toast-
So Happy Mother's Day Mom!

My Friend... My Mom

'I must tell Mom,' I think,
A thousand times a day
And with each thought
You lodge deeper in my heart
Eternally a part
Of my soul.

Find Other Great Mother's Day Poems

Girl Making Mother’s Day Card

If none of these fit the bill for how you're truly feeling, there are many other poems for Mother's Day. Write them on gift tags, cards or

  • Poem Source has a wide variety of poems by Joanna Fuchs. There are poems for all family members, so if you wish to send a card of thanks and love to grandma, mother-in-law, stepmother, your wife, sister or daughter you'll find something here. The site also has a Christian message and a prayer for mothers. They are presented on one page so it's easy to browse.
  • Mother's Day Celebration offers you over 60 short and sweet sentimental poems, although there are a number of long ones. This site also contains other links, including information about the history of Mother's Day, ideas for gifts, and quotes.
  • At Homemade Gifts Made Easy there's a selection of poems and rhymes ideal for gift tags or cards. Most of them are a single stanza of happy sounding expressions of love and thanks. Browse the page for one that suits your sentiments.
  • Day For Mothers is for those who have a great sense of humor. The site features short and long witty poems. Some are suitable for kids to copy into a homemade card if you want a lighthearted take on the day.

Happy Mother's Day

Nothing can communicate how much you love the mothers in your life better than a handwritten poem. Whether it's on a card, a gift or simply a note, a poem on her special day is sure to delight and surprise her.

Mother's Day Poems