Photos of Summer Family Fun

Summer Fun

There are so many activities to enjoy during the summer months, from simple backyard gardening to an exciting trip to an amusement park. Whether your family is physically active, loves to eat and cook, or likes to explore the great outdoors, the summer months are an ideal time to enjoy time with loved ones.

Beyond Swimming

Families who love to swim and are looking for a new twist on the activity should try out snorkeling. A chance to enjoy the water from a whole new perspective, snorkeling is just one of the ways to enjoy the beauties of nature.

Tent Camping

A camping trip (or a night in the backyard) is an excellent way to reconnect with your loved ones and get closer to nature. Family-friendly campgrounds also offer playgrounds, water activities, and an indoor play area for rainy days in addition to the campfire and picnic table camping basics.

Backyard Barbecue

Get the whole family involved in planning and putting together a barbecue for a fun afternoon or evening meal. Invite friends or family and organize party games for an even more memorable event.

Outdoor Adventures

While some families are into outdoor winter sports, even groups who are not highly-skilled in an outdoor sport can participate during the warmer months. In the summertime, any backpack, a good pair of walking shoes, and a water bottle are enough gear to get everyone outside and enjoying nature.

Fun on Two Wheels

Taking the bikes out of the garage or basement signals a good time to be had by all. Make sure everyone has a properly-fitting helmet before you take off on this fun family trip.


A fun way to enjoy the water is to travel on top of it. Kayaking, canoeing, rowing, sailing, and motor boats are all fun ways to get out on the water, and perhaps do some fishing too. Enjoy the peace and tranquility of a lake or pond, or take older children whitewater rafting if it appeals to them.

Lifelong Memories

While the expense of amusement parks and water parks prohibit going to them every day of the summer vacation, the fact that most families only make one or two annual trips makes the day that much more memorable.

Green Thumbs

Taking care of plants or growing a variety of vegetables and flowers is a fun way to pass the time, as well as develop an appreciation for how things grow. Whether you cultivate a few flowers or rows upon rows of vegetables, your children will enjoy watching them develop throughout the season.

Relaxed, Fun Summer Evenings

A summertime picnic is an ideal way to let each member of the family enjoy himself. Quieter children might enjoy a chat with mom and dad while more active children might opt to play tag a short distance away from their parents' picnic blanket. However the time is spent, most come back from a summer picnic relaxed and laughing. If you'd like to organize the event a bit, plan some picnic games to enjoy before or after eating, adding some movement and maybe some friendly competition into the family affair.

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Photos of Summer Family Fun