Poems for a Niece

Michele Meleen
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The bonds created between aunts and uncles with their nieces are unique and special. Let the amazing girl in your life know how much she means to you with a personal poem in a card or on a decorative wall hanging.

Poems From an Aunt

An aunt and niece relationship can feel a lot like a mother-daughter relationship. However, aunts often enjoy some relationship benefits grandparents get, like not having to be strict or dole out consequences. Tell your niece how much you treasure the friendship you've created with these loving verses.

My Niece, My Friend

When a woman has a daughter,
she becomes a mom.
But, when she becomes an aunt,
there's a friendship type of bond.

I don't have to tell you what to do,
or how to comb your hair.
I just get to joke and laugh
whenever you are there.

If life treats you unfairly,
or you're at your wit's end,
I will be the voice of reason for
my niece, my friend.

I Will

I did not choose to be your aunt,
you were a gift for me from God.
I will guide you
like a grandmother.
I will love you
like a mom.
I will laugh with you
like a sister.
I will care for you
if ever they were all gone.

Aunts Can

Who can pick you up when you are down
and turn your lips to a smile from a frown?
Who can give you sage advice
and give you cause to think twice?
It's all part of the family plan,
because aunts can.

Who plays tricks and jokes on you
and laughs when you pull them too?
Who takes you out to have a ball
and shops with you at the mall?
It's all part of the family plan,
because aunts can.

Grandmas are nice, and grandpas too,
But, no one gives a niece
what aunts do!

Poems From an Uncle

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Some uncles serve as the only strong male influence in a girl's life. Others get to be that fun, cool guy their niece can turn to when she feels no one else will understand. Share your loving sentiments with the amazing niece in your life to help keep her confidence up and give her something to smile about.

The Next Best Thing

There is no greater gift,
for an uncle like me,
who has no daughters
to love dearly,
than the next best thing,
that unique missing piece,
who fills my heart with joy,
it can only be my niece.

Nieces Are Nice

Nice, kind, good and fair
Idealistic, optimistic visionary
Effervescent, bubbly, joyful
Charming, sweet, and delightful
Everything my niece can be.

The Girl Who Stole My Heart

Who knew there could be
a girl not my own, a niece
who stole my whole heart

The Importance of Family

Close-knit families enjoy an eclectic and vast support system beyond their own parents and children. Give your niece the gift of a huge, loving network when you share your special bond using sentimental poems.

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Poems for a Niece