Step Family Quotes

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Blended family

Although step families are nothing new, it can be difficult to find sayings, phrases, and quotes that capture these unique groups. Use the quotes on holiday cards, wall-hangings, or even to flaunt your blended family on social media.

Funny Step Family Quotes

Humor helps people relate and work through difficult situations. Make light of your family structure with funny quotes that speak to the unique ways step families work.

  • Some days we're a step down, but most days we're a step up!
  • Safety warning: watch your step family!
  • Step-families are like a belt: some days you have to take them in, while other days you need to let them out.
  • It would take too long to explain how we're all technically related, but it only takes one word to sum it up - family.
  • To create a step family you have to be apartmental: a part mental!

Blended Family Quotes

For those who prefer the term blended family over step family, these sayings encompass your preference.

  • Like a delicious smoothie, we're blended to perfection with a mix of fruits!
  • Blending a family isn't about making everything the same, it's about mixing two things to make something new.
  • When two families combine, they create a new definition of love.
  • You wouldn't use forceful effort to create something delicate, so don't try blending families with one either.
  • Bright families are just like bright colors: when you blend two, such as red and blue, you get something beautiful!
  • Just like step families, there's a reason you're supposed to keep the lid on when blending, so all the ingredients don't come flying out at once!

Sentimental Step-Family Quotes

Despite what mainstream media says, some step families get along great and truly love each other. Give these happy blended families the props they deserve with a sweet quote.

  • We all took one step back when life didn't go as planned, but now we take all our steps forward together.
  • Families aren't built on blood and genes, they stand on a foundation of commitment and care.
  • No matter the word that comes before it, every family is still a family at the core.
  • We started as separate, but now we're equal.
  • I didn't necessarily want a new family, but I'm glad this one found me.
  • Families don't have to start together to end together.
  • In math one plus one equals two, in families one plus one equals too.
  • Even God makes mistakes when he was handing out families. Ours got switched at birth and only now discovered we were meant to be together.

Quotes Inspired By Pop Culture

From Hollywood to politics, nontraditional families are almost the norm in pop culture. Use your favorite shows, songs, or celebrities as inspiration to celebrate your step family.

  • Just think of your step family as your original family members after taking some polyjuice potion.
  • It was definitely much more than a hunch, this family was destined to become a blended bunch!
  • We might not be keeping up with the Kardashian's, but we certainly make blended families look good!
  • My step family is like the Olympics, we come together for the opening ceremony, then it's every man for himself!
  • If the Trumps can do it, so can we! Make Blended Families Great Again!

Famous Quotes

Celebrities spend a lot of time in the spotlight and come prepared with great phrases and sayings since they're likely to get quoted in the media.

  • "I understand that he has a mom, and I respect that, but to me it's not like because somebody else delivered him, that's not my child," shares supermodel Gisele Bündchen about her stepson.
  • In her book Acheron, Sherrilyn Kenyon writes, "Yeah, we're family. Psychotic, bizarre and a hodgepodge of personalities that should probably never be blended, but here we are."
  • Ray Johnson shares what it really takes to be a step parent when he says, "It takes a strong man to accept somebody else's children and step up to the plate another man left on the table."
  • In the movie Stepmom, main character Jackie shares this sentiment about her kids and their stepmom, "They don't have to choose. They can have us both."
  • "Stepparenting is like working at a late-night convenience store - all of the responsibility and none of the authority," shares Valerie J. Lewis Coleman in her book Blended Families An Anthology.

Celebrate Every Family

Specialized quotes capture the spirit of each unique step family and help give a sense of belonging. Celebrate the ups and downs of your blended family that give you all a bonded identity together.

Step Family Quotes