Article Highlight: How to Deal With a Stepchild Who Hates You

Adjusting to a new stepfamily may take some time, and there may be a period that is perhaps a little rough where you and your stepchild don't click. If you feel like your stepchild hates you, be patient, consistent,… Keep reading »

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Juggling responsibilities and dividing time up fairly can put a strain on the best co-parenting relationship. Most parents want to do what is best for all the parties involved, particularly the children. To make your job a little easier, LoveToKnow Family has tips and creative ideas for ways to co-parent, all presented from an unbiased viewpoint.

Dealing with Dual Parenting

Overcoming Conflict

Conflict isn't good for anyone. It puts stress on the parents as well as children, who can sense the tension. Fortunately, there are articles to help you overcome even the most extreme situations.

  • Dr. Joanne Baum talks about how to deal with high conflict co-parenting situations. Learn how a healthier co-parenting relationship works toward creating a more stable and mentally balanced child. Get specific tips to help you end a war you may be having with your ex, even if your ex isn't anxious to mend fences. Dr. Baum even provides some useful tips on what to do if the other parent refuses to end the war that will still help lesson the tension and help you keep your sanity.
  • In extreme situations, you may be co-parenting with a true narcissist. Learn how to use the natural tendencies of the narcissistic personality to work in your favor. Find out why ignoring this personality type works better than any other thing you might have tried to this point. Get tips on how to protect your child from the behavior of the narcissist parent.

Planning Together

Having a calm and civil discussion with the other co-parent can go a long way toward avoiding misunderstandings. Read articles that help with some common sense co-parenting approaches.

  • Co-Parenting Agreements: Learn how to come to a common understanding on important parenting responsibilities, such as discipline, house rules and even visitation. Get ideas for how to put it all in writing, and get both parties to follow the agreement.
  • Co-Parenting Programs: Classes and groups can help you understand the most effective ways to co-parent. You'll also get tips from parents already in this type of parenting situation. Get a list of specific organizations in your area where you can get help.

Basic Co-Parenting Issues

There are some issues that are universal to co-parenting. LoveToKnow Family offers advice on how to deal with these issues and simple approaches that help solve problems before they start.

  • If you want to have a child but are single, finding a co-parent that has compatible views and parenting philosophies may be the best first step. Get ideas for where to find a co-parent and learn the best ways to screen people and make a final choice.
  • Learn how to deal with common co-parenting issues, such as disagreements. Discover what to do if your child tells you the other parent is saying untrue or unkind things about you. Find out how to take the high road even when you don't want to and set a good example for your child.
  • Get practical tips for co-parenting. Find out why it is important to set up schedules, but still allow for flexibility. Find specific techniques to deal with co-parenting situations involving different age groups of children from babies to teens.

A Solution that Works for Everyone

There's so much to consider when co-parenting that it can seem like a heavy weight on a parent's shoulders. LoveToKnow's co-parenting articles provide insightful tips and advice on making this non-traditional family situation work for everyone involved. Finding the answers to your questions here on LoveToKnow Family will lift that weight in no time and have you co-parenting like a pro.