Co-Parenting: Tips, Guides and Beyond

How to Handle High Conflict Co-Parenting With Minimal Stress

How to Handle High Conflict Co-Parenting With Minimal Stress

Amicable co-parenting yields the most optimal results for families following a separation. Divorced life is undoubtedly easier when all parties can figure out a way to raise kids without conflict. Not all ex-partners… Keep reading »

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Learning how to co-parent respectfully and with a focus on positivity can be a challenge. While there will undoubtedly be times of stress, disagreement, and frustration, parents who work toward common goals and join forces to keep their kids' best interests at heart will likely reap the reward of healthy, happy, stable children.

Common Co-Parenting Issues

Divorce is not an uncommon occurrence. People split up frequently, for a multitude of reasons. Regardless of gender, occupation, or religion, marriages and partnerships crumble, and families find new ways to move forward post-divorce. Co-parenting might be difficult, especially at first, but know that many of the issues divorced parents face are not unique. Several co-parenting concerns and issues are actually quite common.

Dealing With Divorce Guilt

Experiencing guilt following a divorce is a prevalent feeling for many. It can be hard to co-parent when you struggle with your own thoughts and feelings about this new way of life. Work through your guilt by sharing your struggles and emotions with a trusted confidant or a professional. You might also learn to develop positive affirmations and/or read co-parenting quotes to remind yourself that you are doing the very best you can.

When Parents Don't See Eye to Eye

Sometimes in co-parenting, both parents can't seem to get on the same page. Those who co-parent with a narcissist may find it particularly challenging to work out their differences and parent their kids respectfully. Co-parenting can also become tricky when the parents disagree on religion or when step-children are involved in the family structure. When both parents struggle to see eye-to-eye, intervention is often sought to make the co-parenting process more effective and positive. Getting help in solving disagreements is never a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of strength and intelligence. It highlights a parent's willingness to do whatever they can to better the lives of their children.

From Friend to Foe, to Friend?

You were once partners in life, and then along came divorce. Divorce can have a heavy impact on families, and oftentimes adults' feelings get confused and hurt during the process. Fear, anger, sadness, grief, and frustration are all normal emotions to experience following the end of a relationship. Over time, parents who focus on the act of moving forward and working together to raise kids, can find themselves as friends once more. Former couples who accept and realize that sometimes the end of a partnership is for the best, might even choose to celebrate their divorce ceremoniously, putting a positive spin on a situation that is most often viewed as negative.

Ways to Make the Co-Parenting Experience More Positive

The good news is, while co-parenting presents challenges, it is not impossible! When two committed parents focus on how to co-parent the right way, everyone can thrive. Focusing on tips to help the process become more seamless can quickly remind parents that good can come from anywhere if you have the right mindset and tools to help you get there. Learn how to communicate while co-parenting, create co-parenting agreements everyone can comfortably live with, and consider co-parenting classes to help you be the very best post-divorce parent you can be. If you are co-parenting from afar, explore methods and strategies to assist you in being a communicative parent who is present for your child.

In All Parenting Methods, Keep Kids Front and Center

Remember to keep the kids front and center through the bumps and pitfalls of learning how to navigate parenting while living apart from your former partner. When parents focus on the well-being of their children, and not their personal woes and issues, the wins will start to add up.

Co-Parenting: Tips, Guides and Beyond