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Co-Parenting Program Options

Learning how to co-parent

Co-parenting programs or classes aren't just for divorced couples anymore. Now anyone with a serious desire to improve their parenting and coping skills can find help in one of the many well-respected programs that reach out to American parents and guardians. Although it seems like parenting cooperatively would occur naturally, it turns out that many wonderful parents frequently have co-parenting issues. In these cases, a little bit of outside assistance can make a world of difference in raising well-balanced, happy and healthy children.

Finding Co-Parenting Programs

If you are interested in finding co-parenting support, you may be wondering where to begin. While getting started can be a bit of a hurdle, rest assured that there are several resources, both online, and in most local areas. Once you get started, you are likely to find yourself with many choices as to which program will work best for your family.

Seeking Local Options

Believe it or not, the best place to start your search for parenting programs is in your town. Open the phone book and search for anything that mentions the word parent in conjunction with keywords like classes, courses, programs, workshops or resources. If that fails, call or visit the hospital or the local government to see if they can refer you to a reputable program. Most family resource agencies and child advocate organizations maintain a close working relationship with places which provide these programs.

Programs Across the Nation and Online

In the event you can't find any local co-parenting programs that interest you, it is still possible to locate effective resources with good co-parenting advice. Due to the proliferation of child-rearing advancements in recent years, a number of organizations that cater to all types of parents have begun offering access to programs across the nation.

  • Parents for Life: This is a Christian-based program for married couples in which a nine-week curriculum teaches Christian co-parenting fundamentals to both parties. Upon enrollment, parents will learn factors such as how one's own childhood affects later parenting, different learning styles, discipline techniques and cooperative parenting roles. Instruction takes place either in the home by a local coach or on the Internet.
  • Life Matters: Here, parents can find an online program that will address many, if not all, of their parenting concerns. Programs run from one to eight weeks and include courses like Parenting Young Children, Parenting Teenagers, Co-Parenting Divorce Class and Respectful and Effective Parenting. The instruction style is positive and relaxed, and students are encouraged to interact in order to ensure that they get the most out of every aspect of the available courses.
  • Conscious Co-Parenting Institute: This program focuses on uniting split families in the name of parenting the children well. The trained instructors offer five Internet courses for broken families and are willing to work with both parents in a safe, online environment. Completion of these courses will also satisfy most court-ordered co-parenting education requirements.

On the Road to Success

Education and family improvement is never a negative thing. No matter what issues surround your family, co-parenting programs can put every member on a path to full recovery from any trauma, as well as a path to future success. Regardless of which co-parenting class you take, the outcome is bound to be positive for all members of the family. While children benefit immensely from consistent parenting, the adults in the picture will also feel more satisfied with their parenting skills, not to mention their relationship with their co-parent.

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Co-Parenting Program Options