Fluffy Slippers Crochet Pattern

Fluffy slippers
Print the pattern for these cozy crocheted slippers

Few things are warmer or more comforting than slipping into a pair of fluffy slippers on a chilly day. It gets even better if you crocheted the slippers yourself, or received them from a friend as a gift. Although some crochet slipper patterns can get quite ornate, many use just a few basic stitches and simple shaping techniques.

Crochet Your Own Fluffy Slippers

This pattern is for the slippers pictured in the photo above. If you need help downloading the printable instructions, check out these helpful tips.

Hints for working with boucle yarn:

  • To count stitches feel between them with your fingers.
  • Use a marker for beginning of rounds.

You will need:

  • 1 skein Red Heart Baby Clouds yarn
  • crochet hook size N US (10mm)
  • gauge: 2 single crochet = 1 inch
  • 2sctog: draw up a loop in next 2 stitches. Yo and pull through all loops. Decrease is made.

Slipper Pattern:

  • Chain 3, sl st in 1st ch to form ring.
  • Row 1: Ch 1, 8 sc into ring. Join with sl st to 1st sc. (8 sc)
  • Row 2: Ch 1, 2 sc in same st. *Sc in next st, 2 sc in next st. Repeat from * around. Join. (12 sc)
  • Rows 3-12: Ch 1, sc in each sc around. Join. (12 sc)

Now try on your foot for fit up to start of heel.

  • Rows 13-17: Ch 1, 12 sc. TURN.
  • Row 18: Ch 1, sc in each of next 4 sc. (2sctog) twice. Sc in each of next 4 sc.
  • Row 19: Ch 1, sc in each of next 3 sc. (2sctog) twice. Sc in each of next 3 sc.

Finishing: Ch 1, sc around top opening of slipper, sl st join. Sew back seam closed with sl st. Bind off and weave in ends with tapestry needle.

© 2005 Alexandra Lockhart

Easy Slipper Patterns

If you're ready to try out a few more techniques and looks for your handmade slippers, check out these relatively simple patterns:

Intermediate and Advanced Slippers

Although these patterns require knowledge of more stitches and shaping techniques, they're still built on the same basic techniques you'd use for an easy slipper pattern.

  • Sueded yarn makes these intermediate-level lace-up, loafer-style slippers feel fluffier than they look.
  • This intermediate pattern for soft, fluffy slippers offers homestyle comfort and they, too, lace up for adjustable sizing.
  • These comfortable, fluff-trimmed flip-flop slippers require foam rubber cushions. The pattern is free, but you must register for an account to download it.
  • Although the yarn is soft, it's popcorn stitching that gives these slippers their soft texture.
  • These intermediate-level "wolf" slippers, sized for adult men and women, form a dense mop of "fur" around each foot.

Fluffy Slippers for Children

Although you can adapt adult slipper patterns for children's sizing, child-specific patterns eliminate the need for experimentation. Many of them come in kid-friendly colors and designs that make them both functional and fun.

You're the Boss

One of the best things about hand-crocheting your own slippers is that you're always in charge. A change as simple as substituting one yarn for another or switching crochet hooks can drastically alter the look of the finished project. If you find a lovely pattern that's not plush enough to suit you, add a boucle or eyelash yarn to fluff it up. Are the slippers not sturdy enough? Switch to a smaller hook for tighter stitches, or hold another strand of yarn as you crochet, creating a thicker finished fabric. Once you find a pattern you love hold onto it. Odds are you'll be making those slippers for yourself, and others, for years to come.

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Fluffy Slippers Crochet Pattern