Cultural Heritage and Symbols

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Cultural symbols

From artifacts like books and buildings, to stories, songs and folklore, cultural heritage contains the traits, attributes and items that are handed down to, and preserved for, future generations. Many types of this heritage grow into symbols, such as such as easily recognizable Celtic imagery, that represent a culture, and help to keep it alive. Learn more about the ways different cultures celebrate their heritage, traditions and symbols on LoveToKnow Family.

Learning About Heritage

Learning about yours or another's heritage and culture can help you understand and view the world around you through a unique lense. Expand your mind with topics like:

  • Traditions: Curious about traditions and how people celebrate their culture around the world? Learn about German, Greek or Scottish traditions for example.
  • Culture: Learn more about the cultures in places such as Mexico, and how culture can affect family issues.
  • Values: Not all cultural heritages has to deal with intangibles, folklore and symbols; get information on the various values that families in places such as China or Brazil focus on.
  • Symbols: Symbols are an effective way to learn more about a culture or heritage, whether it's types of family symbols, or specific cultural symbols, such as Celtic.

Educate Yourself

Learning more about various cultures and how they function, celebrate and take pride in their heritage can be exciting. Turn to the information found on LoveToKnow Family, whether you're interested in learning more about family symbols or about how families celebrate birthdays around the world. You're sure to find the topics and quality information you're looking for.

Cultural Heritage and Symbols