27 Rainy Day Activities for Kids That Are Sprinkled With Fun

Published January 4, 2022
Mother and daughter having fun in the rain

Just because the weather outside is gloomy, that doesn't mean a rainy day has to dampen the fun you have with your kids. Rainy days can definitely be a challenge when you typically love to venture outdoors, but when equipped with entertaining and engaging rainy day activities, you can turn a day filled with raindrops into one of your very best days!

Rainy Day Activities for Energetic Kids

Some kids are happy to laze around watching movies, doing puzzles, and quietly coloring; other kids never stop moving, EVER. Parents of these kids dread rainy days, because they know that without the ability to get the kids outside, their home will quickly transform into a jungle gym, with kids bouncing off the walls quite literally. Even when cooped up indoors, you can still create countless activities that get kids moving within the confines of your home.

Play The Floor Is Lava

The Floor is Lava is a fun and challenging game for kids to play when stuck indoors. See who can race from start to finish without ever touching their feet to the ground! The game has countless variations, making it a go-to activity for kids of any age.

Create an Indoor Obstacle Course

Challenge your children to an indoor obstacle course. Make one in a hallway space using painter's tape, create a maze of lines to weave through on the kitchen floor, or combine Floor is Lava with the obstacle course concept to make something truly unique and entertaining, and perfect for rainy days.

Little Girl in Obstacle Course

Play Charades

Charades is a classic game that will get everyone laughing and jumping around as they act out silly scenarios. Think of things your kids can act out without words as the rest of the family guesses what is being demonstrated. With younger children, you can whisper simple ideas for them to act out. Consider ideas like:

  • Brushing teeth
  • Bunny
  • Sleeping
  • Eating
  • Driving a car

Older kids can read slips of paper with ideas and be challenged to act out more complicated ideas and scenarios such as:

  • Baker
  • Hairstylist
  • Teacher
  • Gorilla
  • Opening presents

You can also play themed charades, choosing to act out different occupations, animals, sports, or concepts related to upcoming holidays.

Hold a Family Talent Show

When kids begin to complain that the rain will never cease and there is nothing to do, ask them to show you their best talents. Request that they think up a talent to go practice and then showcase it for the family in a family talent show. You can have everyone perform their own talent or two and team up and do a joint talent if your family has enough willing participants.

Girls performing a song at home

Try Indoor Hopscotch

You might associate the classic playground game of hopscotch with the outdoors, but you can play it inside too! If you have a long hallway space and painter's tape, then you can bring the playground indoors during a rainy day. This game will not only entertain kids, it will also bring parents right back to their childhood days. What a great way to bond during a drizzly day.

Go on an Epic Scavenger Hunt

Set up a series of scavenger hunts in your home. Young kids can perform simple scavenger hunts, looking for everyday objects, and older kids can turn to clues to help them solve puzzles and find the necessary objects. With some creativity and thought, there is no end to the kinds of hunts you can design for your squirrelly band of kiddos.

Have a Dance Party

Shake the sillies out with a good, old-fashioned dance party. Crank up the music, move the furniture out of the way and perform some of your all-time favorite dance moves. Try a few dance party variations to keep kids interested, such as the following:

  • Glow Party Dance - Put glow sticks around ankles and wrists and attach them to clothing, then turn the lights out and get your groove on.
  • Freeze Dance - Dance until the music stops. When it shuts off, your body better do the same, or you are out!
  • Follow the Dance Leader: One person leads the dance party, and the others have to try to perform the same dance moves the leader does.
  • Dance in the Rain: If you're lucky enough to have a warm, rainy day, put on those rain boots, head outside and dance in the rain and jump in the puddles!

Make Instruments and Create a Marching Band

Combine crafting and movement by making homemade instruments and marching to songs in a mock marching band. Use a pot and a wooden spoon to fashion a drum, make maracas with toilet paper tubes and rice, or try to create a cereal box guitar out of items you already have at home. After the instruments are made, march through the house, playing your favorite tunes.

Do Some Yoga

Not all inside movement activities have to be wild and crazy! Create an inner sanctuary right in your living room with a bit of yoga practice. Get kids involved with gentle stretching and some namaste during a rainy day.

Make a Home Bowling Alley

Using 20-ounce pop bottles and a ball, make a bowling alley in the hallway of your home. Fill the bottles with water, sand, or rice and set them up to emulate pins in a bowling lane. Take turns rolling the ball and knocking them down.

Creative Rainy Day Activities

Get out the markers, the glue, and the glitter and start creating! Rainy days are perfect days to channel kids' inner-Picasso and foster the creative spirit.

Make Homemade Play Dough

Handing kids silly putty or play dough will keep them occupied for some time. Allowing them the creative freedom to make their own play dough or putty will double the fun and keep them busy for twice as long. Provide kids with an easy recipe and common ingredients so they can make their own batch of dough and spend the afternoon making whatever comes to mind with it.

Partake in Festive Crafting

Whether the rain falls in the autumn, spring or summer, there is sure to be a holiday creeping up right around the corner. Use the rainy day to make some holiday-inspired crafts. Make American flag crafts to gear up for the 4th of July, cute and spooky Halloween crafts in the fall, or bright and sweet Easter crafts in the springtime.

Make Puppets and Put on a Show

Kids love performing for parents on rainy, dull days. Take their love of acting to new heights by helping them make puppets and by creating a puppet show for the family. Sock puppets are commonly made crafts and are fairly easy for kids of all ages to make. Paper bag puppets are also simply constructed out of items found lying around the home. You can also fashion puppets from construction paper and household objects to put on a shadow puppet show.

Storytelling in children's room

Learn the Art of Origami

Origami is another craft that older kids can try their hand at on wet days. You'll need origami paper and a few easy tutorials to get started. Try making a throwing star or a tulip. While origami might not be suitable for little kids still honing in on those fine motor skills, with some help, they might be able to make a few beginner origami creations like an origami bird.

Make Some Slime

Satisfy your kiddo's desire to create with an afternoon spent making slime. There is no shortage of slime recipes available to kids on the internet these days. They can make sparkly slime, foam slime, and simple slime in no time flat!

Build an Indoor Fort

Help the kids make an awesome indoor fort that they won't ever want to leave! Daily activities like reading, snacking, and watching movies are so much more fun when you do them in a homemade indoor fort.

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Design "Thinking of You" Cards for Neighbors

Using cardstock and markers, set up a card-making station at the dining room table. You don't need a reason to give someone a card; kids can learn that giving out "Thinking of You" cards can make anyone's day a little bit brighter. Let your kids pass the cards out to neighbors and friends once the rain lifts, making them the sunshine in someone else's day.

Educational Rainy Day Activities

You can have fun and teach kids a thing or two with these perfect rainy day activities. Drizzly days are excellent opportunities to exercise those little brains of theirs.

Dive Into Science

Become brainy scientists when the rain starts to fall with a few of these well-thought-out science experiments for kids. There is something for kids of every age when it comes to science. Try food-based experiments, making invisible ink, or expand soap in the microwave (under adult supervision, of course)!

Brother and sister making biological cell model

Play Some Wonderful Word Games

Rev up those little minds with a few fun word games! There are plenty of word games that can be played with kids young and older. Have fun and build your young child's literacy and vocabulary skills with classic games like Boggle or Scrabble, or challenge your older child to a round of Word in Words.

Allow Apps That Emphasize Learning

While parents should consider keeping screen time-limited, rainy days might allow for a bit of extended play. Choose to allow your young one a bit of time on an educational app or play a word app game with children who are a little older. Excessive screen time isn't a great thing, but not all screen time usage is bad!

Learn Kitchen Basics With Baking

There is so much that kids can learn in the kitchen, and rainy days are the perfect time to practice those measuring and baking skills. Help kids learn their way around recipes by whipping up fun snacks like homemade cookie recipes or yummy, healthy muffin recipes.

Tour the World

It might not be feasible to jet off to explore the world, but you and the kids can still experience the wonders of the world virtually. Take a virtual field trip to faraway lands as you expand young minds and open their curiosity up to places they never knew existed.

Rainy Day Activities for the Whole Family

If your clan revels in time spent together indoors, enjoy some family fun with these rainy day activities everyone will love.

Have a Movie Marathon

Rainy days are the perfect excuse to stay in your pajamas, pop a squat on the couch with the gang, and binge-watch your favorite films. Watch animated favorites, dozens of Disney movies, or plow through all the Shrek flicks while munching on your favorite movie snacks.

Play Board or Card Games

Board games are fun and educational ways to pass the rainy days. Choose a few funny ones to get the gang giggling, learning board games to make minds work, classic board games, or even DIY board games.

Brother and sister playing chess

Hold a Read-a-thon

Snuggle up in bed, on the couch, or fashion a reading nook and dive into some good reads. Hold a family read-a-thon where everyone in the house drops what they are doing and immerses themselves in a couple of good books. Set a goal for the number of chapters or picture books read, and see if your family can reach their goal. If they can, order take-out, or make ice cream sundaes as a reward.

Work on Puzzles Together

Pull out a puzzle and work together to complete it on a rainy day. If you have several family members and a couple of puzzles with equal pieces, break into teams and see who can complete their puzzle the fastest.

Fashion a Racetrack for Matchbox Cars

Using masking or painter's tape, make a racetrack sized for matchbox cars on the floor of your home. Weave the roads throughout the rooms, build covered bridges with boxes, and set up small gas stations along the way. This racetrack will keep little ones busy all day long, and clean-up is a cinch. When they tire of the game, just pull the tape up from the floor and toss it out.

Make a Splash on Rainy Days

With some thought and consideration, rainy days can suddenly become days that the entire family looks forward to. They can be a space to come together and try new activities and games, a day to stay in jammies and relax, or a space to learn and play. Don't dread the dreariness. Plan for it, embrace it and bring the fun indoors.

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27 Rainy Day Activities for Kids That Are Sprinkled With Fun