How to Create Digital Scrapbook Embellishments

Digital Scrapbook Embellishments

Learning how to create digital scrapbook embellishments is a great way to preserve your memories on a budget. Instead of paying for scrapbook kits or spending all your time searching for online freebies, you can design customized elements to fit your own unique sense of style.

This tutorial slideshow will show you how to make digital chipboard accents using Adobe Photoshop Elements, although the instructions can be adapted to suit other image editing programs if needed.

Step 1

To begin making a chipboard letter for your scrapbook layout, choose the patterned paper you'd like to use. Keep in mind that a paper with a more subtle pattern will probably work best for your handmade digital scrapbook embellishment. Choose a font you want to use and type your letter.

Step 2

Select the patterned paper background layer, then select the letter's shape.

Step 3

Turn off the visibility of your letter, so all you see is the selected outline on your patterned paper background.

Step 4

Delete the patterned paper surrounding the letter.

Step 5

Delete the excess white background from your project.

Step 6

Add a bevel to your letter to mimic the appearance of the chipboard letters used in traditional scrapbook layouts. This letter uses a "simple sharp inner bevel" - although you may find a more dramatic bevel is better suited to your project.

Step 7

If desired, add a drop shadow to your letter to give it a bit of extra dimension. This example uses a "soft edge" drop shadow.

Step 8

Adjust the placement of your letter so it's in the middle of your document and save it as a .PNG file. Repeat this process as necessary to create all the chipboard embellishments you'll need for your digital scrapbooking project. If you want to make chipboard shapes for your layout, simply use a free dingbat font instead of your usual lettering choice.

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How to Create Digital Scrapbook Embellishments