Family Night Ideas

Easy Family Night Ideas

Establishing a regular family night is a great way to build relationships, trust, and family bonds that will last a lifetime. There are many fun activities that can make these nights memorable for every member of the family, and a great way to get the night started is by preparing dinner together. For unique meals, try themed family night dinners, ethnic dishes, or new recipes.

Family Games

Board games are an easy activity to enjoy on family night. Choose games suitable for every family member's age and skills to be sure everyone can have fun, or opt for other game-like activities such as puzzles or family-friendly toys.

Local Family Hotspots

Local family fun centers can be great places to spend a few hours on family night. Many fun centers include a variety of games and activities, such as miniature golf, laser tag, arcades, batting cages, and more. Look for fun centers that offer family discounts on food and tokens.

Family Movie Night

For a fun family night at home, try a movie night. Choose a classic favorite movie that hasn't been watched in a while, or opt for a new movie that the family has not seen yet. Flavored popcorn, freshly baked cookies, or ice cream sundaes can all be delicious movie snacks.

Charity Begins at Home

Parents can use family night to teach their children the kindness of charity and service. By introducing children to these activities at an early age, parents can instill compassion and a willingness to volunteer that their children will have for a lifetime.

Family Projects

When all family members work together on a project for family night, a lot can be accomplished in a fun way. Great projects for family night can be decorating for a holiday, repainting a room, or reorganizing cupboards. Not all family members might find these group activities fun, however, so it is important to add a reward for a job well done.

Local Attractions

Visiting local attractions is a great idea for family night, since many families are so busy they never take the time to enjoy the fun activities in their own home town. Many of these attractions also offer family night discounts on certain days of the week.

Family Worship

Families with a strong spiritual bond and religious values will enjoy worship activities on family night. Bible study, religious games, family prayer, and sharing Bible stories can be great options.

Bowling as a Family

Bowling is an often-underrated activity that is great for family nights. Even young children can have fun bowling with the help of ramps and bumpers that family-friendly bowling alleys have available. Large families can play in teams for even more fun and to share skills between family members.

Family Storytime

Reading together as a family helps build literacy skills for children and encourage a lifelong love of reading. Share classic fairy tales or old favorite stories, or take the opportunity to explore new books and literature available for all ages.

Holiday Family Nights

Holidays and special occasions offer unique opportunities for fun family night ideas. During the Christmas season, families can go caroling or take a walk or drive to see the best neighborhood holiday lights. Other holidays that can lead to great family night activities include seeing fireworks or evening parades for the Fourth of July, egg decorating or egg hunts for Easter, visiting a haunted house or corn maze for Halloween, or ringing in the new year together.

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Family Night Ideas