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Frugal Fun for the Family

Be Frugal as a Family

Enjoying time together as a family does not have to cost a fortune. Some of the best memories parents can give their children are free, and time spent together building those memories is worth more than a million dollars in the bank.

Family Game Time

Board games, puzzles, and trivia contests are inexpensive. One board game can cost less than $15, but it can provide hours of entertainment. For more uniqueness, families can invent their own rules, play as teams, or even design their own board games.

Gardening as a Family

Gardening can be a fun, relaxing activity for the whole family. A packet of seeds costs very little, but the rewards can be great as the plants mature and vegetables, fruits, or flowers can be harvested. Each family member can choose something different to grow, and the harvest can even help reduce grocery bills.

Scavenger Hunts

Spending time together can be a treasure trove of fun with a family scavenger hunt. Family members can play as teams, or the hunt can be timed to create a fun race to the finish.

Reading Time

Time spent reading is always profitable, but it doesn't need to cost anything. Public libraries are a free source of almost limitless reading material, and many libraries also offer free author visits, craft projects, storytimes, and other events for younger readers.

Feeding Birds

Watching and feeding the birds can be an amazing activity for families to share. Keeping a list of birds in the yard, growing sunflower seeds as food for the birds, and visiting parks and nature trails to see more birds are all great ways to have fun as a family and enjoy nature simultaneously.

Minor League Sports

Tickets for a professional major league sports team may be outside the budget of a frugal family, but many cities are home to minor league or amateur sports teams with much lower ticket prices.

Family Movie Night

A family movie night is one of the easiest and most frugal activities a family can share. Choose a movie everyone can enjoy (different family members can take turns choosing the movie), or rent a new release for just a few dollars instead of visiting the theater for much more.

Cooking and Baking

Cooking a meal together or baking a dessert as a family is a fun way to spend an afternoon or evening, and everyone can enjoy the tasty results. This is also a great way to teach children about healthy diets and cooking skills.

Water Fight Fun

A family water fight can be a great way to spend a hot summer afternoon when the kids are out of school. Plan to use sprinklers, hoses, water pistols, water balloons, and other splash-tastic tools for a great water fight where everyone wins at having fun.


Kids love to stay up late, and spending a night stargazing is a fun way to spend time together as a family without spending a dime. Sharing constellations or just admiring the stars will be a great memory kids can cherish all their lives.

Dining Out

Dining out may not seem very frugal, but budget-savvy families choose restaurants such as Denny's, IHoP, Golden Corral, or other locations where kids eat free. Before planning dinner, however, check for appropriate dining times and days when these great deals are in effect for the best savings. Eating out can be expensive, or it can be an inexpensive activity, and even free fun for the kids.

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Frugal Fun for the Family