Gifts for a Stepdad

Stepdad Is Dad

When Father's Day, Christmas, or a special birthday approaches, it can be a challenge to find gifts for a stepdad. It is important to remember that a stepdad is still a dad, even if he doesn't have the biological connection to his children. Any perfect gift for a biological father is also great for a stepfather.

Stepping Stones

For a sentimental and symbolic gift, make a homemade stepping stone. Clay or sand kits can be customized with children's hand prints or footprints, and adding colored stones, marbles, shells, or other accents can make them even more unique.


A tie is a classic gift for a dad. Novelty ties with "Dad" or "Stepdad" printed on them are popular, or colored ties to match his favorite shirt are a good choice. Tie tacks or tie clips engraved or decorated with a father theme are also fun options.

Sporting Gifts

If your stepdad is into sports, sports-themed gifts are ideal. Golf balls or tees, a new tennis racket, a bowling ball, a baseball glove, or a customized sports jersey are just a few options he will love. Similar gifts can be a round of golf, tickets to a game, or an autograph from a favorite athlete.


A stepladder can be a fun and unique gift for a stepdad, the man who has helped you take the major steps in your life. Not only is it a great tool to have around the house, but decorating each step with a loving message will make it a very personal gift.

Desk Photo

A framed photo to put on his desk is fun for stepdads. Novelty frames that say "#1 Stepdad" or "World's Best Stepdad" are available, or a plain frame can be personalized with writing. Choose his favorite photo to include, or create a special new photo as a surprise.


A CD of his favorite music can be a thoughtful gift. Choose new music from his favorite artist, a new collection of old favorites, or customize a CD with sentimental "father" songs that share how you feel about him. If he no longer uses CDs, a customized playlist or an iTunes gift card is a similar gift.


A stepdad takes years to give his stepchildren the tools they need to be successful, and giving him tools is symbolic. Choose tools he can use for his favorite hobbies, or tools he may need to replace or augment what he already has. Opt for a tool belt or new toolbox instead if he doesn't need any tools.

Novelty Clothes

There are dozens of hats, caps, t-shirts, golf shirts, and sweatshirts with novelty messages perfect for stepdads, such as "#1" "World's Best." In addition to parent-themed choices, other novelty clothes could relate to his career, hobbies, sports teams, or age.

Stepdad Dinners

A delicious dinner is a nice gift. You can make his favorite meal for him, or take him out to his favorite restaurant. To start his special day out right, you can choose or make a special breakfast instead. Other food gifts might include a tasty dessert, unique jerky, or his favorite candy.

Gift Cards

If you aren't sure what to give your stepdad, gift cards can be a good option. To make this type of simple gift more personal, choose gift cards from his favorite store, or make homemade gift cards for help with chores, a hug, a night out, or other fun and thoughtful gifts.

Time Together

Spending time together can be one of the most amazing gifts for a stepdad. Take the time to finish chores and other obligations early so you can spend time with him sharing activities and making memories that will last a lifetime.

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Gifts for a Stepdad