Fun Grandparent Clip Art Images Free to Use

Grandparent's Day Clip Art

Celebrate Grandma's birthday, extended family, or even Grandparent's Day with fun grandparent clip art. Free clip art that includes Grandpa, Grandma, or both grandparents with their grandchildren can be used for a variety of projects from homemade cards and scrapbooks to school projects about family.

Free Digital Artwork Featuring Grandparents

This digital artwork is free to download and free to use for any non-commercial projects. Right-click any image that you'd like to use and save it to your hard drive or an external storage device. From there, you can upload it to any document you are working on. Some images are JPEG format while others are PNG.

Black and White Images of Grandma and Grandpa Together

Grandparents often have the honor of being aspirational couples who've spent decades together. Show off how cute they are as a couple with fun black and white grandparent clip art couples you can color on your own.

asian grandparents line drawing
grandparents with balloon line drawing
angular grandparents line drawing
dancing grandparents line drawing

Full-Color Images of Grandparent Couples

Celebrate gray-haired couples with these digital images of grandparent couples.

grandparent couple clip art close-up
grandparent's day clip art
full body grandparent couple

Cool Clip Art of Modern Grandparents

If your grandparents are hip to modern technology, these cool clip art images show off their modern side. From cell phones and tablets to yoga, modern grandparents are on trend.

yoga grandma
grandpa with cell phone
grandparents using electronic devices

Family Portraits of Grandparents and Their Grandchildren

Show your grandparents how they complete your family with images of grandparents and their grandchildren. Free clip art of grandparents with grandchildren can be used for projects made by the grandparents for their grandchildren or for projects made by the grandchildren.

grandparent and grandchildren portrait
standing grandparents and grandchildren
hugging grandparents and grandchildren

Loving Images of Grandmothers

Grandmas are known for their baking and crafting skills and their ability to love like no other. Loving grandma clip art images capture this sweet spirit.

knitting grandma
I love grandma text
grandma with cookies
happy standing grandma

Sweet Images of Grandpa

Grandfathers are known for their sense of humor and ability to unite families. Showcase what makes your grandpa great with fun images of grandfathers.

grandpa portrait
grandpa reading
African American grandpa
I love grandpa text

Creative Ways to Use Grandparent Clip Art

You can use grandparent clip art online or print and cut out the clip art to use in handmade projects. From Grandparent's Day crafts to "just because" cards, you can use grandparent digital images for almost any family craft.

  • Make your school family tree project pop by adding grandparent clip art to your cartoon tree. Embellish the clip art images with fun stickers that speak to your grandparent's personality.
  • Create a homemade card for Grandpa or Grandma's birthday by mixing clip art images and short sayings about grandparents.
  • Personalize wedding thank you cards by adding a wedding day poem for grandparents to a clip art image.
  • Decoupage different grandparent clip art images onto individual tiles to create coasters you'll give as a unique grandparent gift.
  • Write an original picture book dedicated to your grandparents using clip art instead of original illustrations.

Show Grandma and Grandpa Some Love

Using clip art allows you to put together messages honoring the older generation in your family in a visual and creative way. Enhance any project you are working on with complementary graphic elements to help convey just how much you appreciate the love, guidance, and support you've received from elder family members throughout your lifetime.

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Fun Grandparent Clip Art Images Free to Use