Grandparent Clip Art

Mary Gormandy White
Grandparent's Day Clip Art

Clip art picturing grandparents can be used for a variety of creative purposes. For example, digital images of grandmothers and grandfathers can be used to create cards, banners, flyers, crafts or decorations for birthday parties or celebrations like Grandparents Day, Mother's Day and Father's Day.

Free Digital Artwork Featuring Grandparents

The images provided here are free to use for any non-commercial projects. Just right-click any image that you'd like to use and save it to your hard drive or an external storage device. From there, you can upload it to any document you are working on.

Grandparents With Grandchildren

Grandparents With Grandchildren
Grandparents and Youngsters

Grandmother-Only Images

Grandma With Cookies
Grandma Knitting
I Love Grandma

Grandfather-Only Images

Grandpa in Chair
I Love Grandpa

Resources to Find Other Relevant Clip Art

If the images above don't meet your needs, there are some other resources where you can find clip art that depicts grandparents. Good options to try include:

Free Gifs and Animations

Free Gifs and Animations has a page with several static and animated clip art images compiled for use on Grandparent's Day pages and websites, or any other occasion honoring your grandparents. Some of the images include:

  • Grandchildren
  • One or both grandparents
  • Grandparent's Day messages

These images can be used at no cost. You don't have to create an account to use these images - just right-click to download. You will need to credit the website when using the images on a website; HTML code is provided for that purpose.

If you need a wider selection of images to choose from, is a good option. They have hundreds of images featuring grandparents available, but they are not free. The images cost between $3 and $12 each to download, though if you plan to download a lot of images you may be able to save on the per image cost with a subscription. Some are specific to Grandparent's Day, but many are more general. Some include children, some show just senior men and women, and some include messages (such as words of love, statements in honor of a special occasion, etc.

Show Your Creative Side

Using clip art allows you to put together messages honoring the older generation in your family in a creative, visually appealing way. Enhance any project you are working on with complementary graphic elements to help convey just how much you appreciate the love, guidance and support you've received from elder family members throughout your lifetime.

Grandparent Clip Art