Hornblower Cruises Discount Coupons

See San Diego at night cheaper with a coupon.

Finding Hornblower Cruises discount coupons for the various ports in California makes the cruises much more affordable.

Choosing a Hornblower Cruise

Visitors to Southern California may want to take a sightseeing tour a little more unique than the usual crowded bus. A Hornblower Cruise offers several different options for visitors and even locals who want to do something special. Choose from the following options:

  • Evening dinner cruise
  • Weekend champagne brunch
  • Whale and dolphin watching
  • Alcatraz Discovery lunch tour
  • Special holiday tours

Cruises with a meal are either buffet style or with a several-course menu. Prices can range anywhere from 59 to just over 100 dollars for the meal cruises, so using a discount coupon is a great deal for anyone who wants to partake in a cruise. Coupons can be found for almost every tour, leaving from the various ports:

  • Marina Del Ray
  • San Francisco
  • Berkley
  • San Diego
  • Newport Beach

Finding Hornblower Cruises Discount Coupons

The best place to start looking for discount coupons is within travel or entertainment guides. Some may require a purchase, but also offer discounts for other local attractions along with reviews and advice.

Coupons for Anyone

Local visitor bureaus may offer coupons to attractions like Hornblower Cruises, too. Print coupons or use the codes to get a discount at the following websites:

Coupons from Local Memberships

A number of groups offer discounts to various attractions as one of the benefits for joining their organization. Locals can use these discounts to get a cheaper fare on Hornblower Cruises. Be sure to mention your membership or have your membership ID ready if you use it for a coupon or discount.

  • AAA of Southern California: Get 25 percent off dinner cruises in Marina Del Ray, Newport Beach, and San Francisco.

Check local newspapers for Hornblower Cruises discount coupons. A notice may be available that certain people will receive discounts, such as the Firefighters & Law Enforcement discounts.

Hornblower Cruise Coupon Tips

If you plan to use a coupon for a Hornblower Cruise, be sure to mention it when you make your reservations. A code of letters and numbers appears on almost every coupon. Other tips include:

  • Check coupon expiration date.
  • Find out if there are restrictions on the number of people.
  • Make sure your coupon works for the cruise port you wish to visit.
  • Use the right coupon for the type of cruise you want, whether it is whale watching or the champagne brunch.
  • Remember that most coupons are not valid for special events or holidays.
  • Read the fine print and abide by the terms of the coupon.

To make reservations to use your Hornblower Cruises discount coupons, visit the port within 5 hours of the cruise, call 1-888-Hornblower, or visit their website.

Hornblower Cruises Discount Coupons