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Family structure has changed dramatically over the last 50 years. The Leave it to Beaver family is no longer the standard, and several variations on family have been created. There are six specific types of family… Keep reading »

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Young Family

Each family has a unique set of values that bind the members together and give them a common point of reference. These values often come from traditions started generations before and can encompass a person's ethnic heritage, religion or political viewpoints.

How Values Are Formed

There are many elements that make up the values a family holds dear. Whether you are studying about different values to understand your set of beliefs better, or you are just curious about what other families hold dear, you'll find an article that discusses the topics you're most interested in.

Cultural Family Values

Unique Family Dynamics

  • Blended families sometimes face problems that traditional families do not face, because two very different set of family values must be meshed together. Learn how to solve the challenges that blended families must overcome.
  • Parents spend 18 or more years raising a child and are one day faced with the empty nest syndrome. Get tips on how to overcome the sudden shift in family dynamics when the kids no longer live at home.
  • Think your kids are grown so the sibling rivalry should be long gone? Think again. Adult sibling rivalry can drive a wedge between family members. Learn how to help your children cope with this problem.
  • Learn how to overcome generation issues, such as the technology gap or expectations an older generation may have for the younger generation.
  • Find out how religion can impact family cohesion both for the positive and negative.

Making a Plan

Once you have a firm understanding of what makes up a family's values, you may want to come up with a plan of action to make sure your children understand your values and adopt firm ideals. You'll find topics to help you achieve a firm moral footing for your family.

Common Threads

When it comes to deciding on the values important to your family, it can be easy to grow overwhelmed. Fortunately, LoveToKnow Family has done the research for you about what other families see as most important. Read through the information, absorb it, jot down some notes, and then have a family meeting to decide what values your family has or should develop.

About Family Values