Free Household Safety Videos

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Videos can be a great way to teach family members and coworkers about important safety concepts. Several sites offer free videos on a variety of topics, and one of them is sure to meet your needs.

Home Safety Videos

Home Security

The Portland, OR police department has produced a video designed to help homeowners learn how to secure and protect their homes against burglary. Titled Secure Your Home, the video is available on the Portland Oregon Police Bureau YouTube channel.

Home Safety

The Home Safety Council YouTube channel features news clips on a variety of stories related to staying safe at home. Available topics include Lawn Mower Safety, Poison Prevention, Scald Prevention, Leading Causes of Home Injury and much more.

Window Coverings

The Window Covering Safety Council has a series of videos featuring animated character SuperBaby that are designed to teach parents how to avoid infant and toddler safety hazards related to window treatments. View the complete series at Vimeo.

First Aid

American CPR Training YouTube channel features a free first aid video. The 22-minute video, called How to Use a First Aid Kit, describes first aid kit contents and how to properly use the supplies when needed.

Food offers links to a number of no-cost food safety videos produced by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) related to safe food preparation and storage. Titles include Tips for Fresh Produce Safety, USDA Cooking Guidance for Pork, Red Meats and Food Safety During Power Outages.

Weather and Natural Disaster Safety Videos


The National Hurricane Center of the National Weather Service offers a selection of several titles specific to hurricane safety, ranging from general information about storms, to creating a plan and preparing when a storm may be heading your way. Visit the National Weather Service's Hurricane Preparedness site to access the videos. Each video is available in English and Spanish, and audio-only versions are also available.


The National Weather Service in Texas has produced a comprehensive Tornado Safety Tips video that can be viewed at Additionally, the American Red Cross YouTube channel has an educational video specific to the topic of what you should do if you are caught in a tornado.


The American Red Cross video called Earthquake Safety - Drop, Cover and Hold On provides practical tips for what you can do to survive and reduce potential for injury if you find yourself in an earthquake. This is important viewing for those who live in earthquake-prone areas.


FireRescue 1, a company that provides products and services specific to the needs of first responders, offers a selection of free wildfire prevention videos on its website. There are several interesting titles, including CAL Fire Inspects for Defensible Space, which is designed to teach homeowners what they need to know about preparing for potential wildfires and preparing defensible space around their homes.

Outdoor Safety Videos

Swimming Pools

The Pool Safety Council YouTube Channel features a selection of videos produced by the organization specific to the topic of swimming pool safety. There are also clips from news programs where this important topic is discussed.


The Thirteenth Coast Guard District's Beach Safety video explains the importance of being safe at the beach and ways to make sure that one stays safe during a trip. The video was created as a public service, so people are encouraged to download and distribute it to help raise awareness of this important topic.

Fire Pit

Watch Fire Pit Safety on the Avant Garden Decor YouTube channel for tips on how you can safely enjoy using an outdoor fire pit. Even if you don't own a fire pit, this can be helpful for camping trips.


Running outdoors can be great exercise, but it also may pose safety risks. The American Runner TV YouTube Channel offers Learn Running Safety from American Runner, a brief instructional video that can help you learn how to stay safe during this activity.

Great Free Resources

With so many no-cost videos available online, it's easy to find information on the important safety topics of interest to you. Whether you're looking for a way to educate yourself about critical safety topics or searching for information you can share with friends and family, the videos mentioned here are a great place to start.

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Free Household Safety Videos