Good Pranks to Play

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Good pranks to play are ones that are funny but safe at the same time. The best pranks do not involve any injuries, property damage or humiliation. You'll also feel better about playing them.

List of Good Pranks to Play

There are hundreds of pranks to try that fit into this criteria. Here are just a few suggestions of good pranks to play.

Shampoo Bottle Prank

Take the top off a person's shampoo bottle and glue a piece of plastic wrap over the lip. Screw the top back on. When the person goes to use it, no shampoo will come out. He or she will be quite surprised!

Paper Switch

Keep some old newspapers on hand, still in their original delivery bags. Take your neighbor's current paper and switch it with one of the older ones. When he or she asks you what day it is, say the date of the paper. Just be sure to return the correct newspaper afterward.

Cereal Switch

If you live with family or have roommates who eat several different types of cereal, swap the bags and the boxes. They may not notice until they end up with an unfamiliar cereal in their bowls. Do not play this prank if anyone in the household has food allergies.

Zoo Phone Message

Leave a written message telling someone that Mr. Behr called and would like a call back. Leave the local number for the nearest zoo as the callback number.

Extra Seasoning

Discreetly add salt to a person's bottle of water, cup of tea or other beverage that will not fizz up. He or she will notice a strange taste right away. Do not do this to a person that is on a restricted sodium diet.

Penny Toes

Pull the covers off of someone's bed and place a pile of coins near the end of the bed. When he or she crawls into bed, get ready for a shriek. They will make for some pretty cold feet. You may have to let the person keep the money to make up for this prank and it will not work if the person wears socks to bed.

Sticky Pen Cap

Take the pens out of someone's desk and glue the caps on to the tip or the back. Either way, this will be pretty annoying. With the cap on the tip, it's impossible to right; with the cap on the back, the pen will dry out. Be sure to offer some replacement pens.

Choosing Victims

It's always fun to prank someone in honor of a special occasion, such as a holiday or a birthday. You can also prank someone who has pranked you in order to get a little safe revenge. Do not prank someone to try to be mean.

It's important to consider the victim's reaction before you put your plan into practice. Some people get very upset even by a little bit of harmless fun. Don't prank someone who is obviously having a bad day, as that is only likely to make it worse. The best prank victims are those who will react with a sense of humor.

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