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Nostalgic 90s Throwbacks That Prove It Was an Awesome Time

Nostalgic 90s Throwbacks That Prove It Was an Awesome Time

From boy bands to the PlayStation 1, the 1990s had it all. Looking around today, the 90s - with its oversized JNCO jeans, dark brown lipstick, and daisy-printed everything - doesn't feel that far away. Whether… Keep reading »

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Grandad showing her granddaughter memories from past

No matter where you are in your life story, chances are that nostalgia plays a role. When you look back and remember how things used to be or you recall stories shared by older relatives or role models about their experiences from before a time you remember, that is what nostalgia is all about. The memories that you and your loved ones make today, and in the future, will one day represent a source of nostalgia for you and for them.

Nostalgia by the Decade

By the time you've been on earth for multiple decades, you're sure to feel sentimental and even get teary-eyed when you think back to years gone by. You might not reflect fondly on everything in the past, but even if you're horrified about how you used to wear your hair and hope that your prom outfit never comes back in style, the way you feel when you look back at your past represents a form of nostalgia. From reminiscing about the 2000s, pining for the groovy 1970s or wishing you could return to the iconic 1980s decade, especially to eat all that amazing 80s food and candy, there are a lot of great eras to feel nostalgic about.

Products and Gadgets That Inspire Nostalgia

The more seasoned members of any family often complain that modern products just aren't made the way they used to be. Such statements reflect nostalgia for beloved items that have been replaced by advanced (or at least newer) items. It's fun to think about, see, or even use items that are now outdated but once represented the cutting edge of the timeframe in which they were popular. From rotary dial telephones to Chia Pets, some products reveal their decade of origin by their very appearance.

Relive the Past With Movies and TV Shows

Do you love watching television shows or movies from decades gone by? Your favorite teenage movies from the way, way back are probably still as enjoyable to you today as they were the first time you saw them. You may even love watching films or programs that your parents or grandparents enjoyed when they were children. As a grown-up with kids of your own, it'll be a lot of fun to watch classic 80s movies with your kids. Sharing favorite viewing experiences can be a great family bonding experience.

Nostalgia-Worthy Toys and Entertainment

Movies and TV shows aren't the only form of entertainment that inspires nostalgia. Toys from the 80s and ones that were trendy in the 90s, as well as other past decades, make popular collectibles, often fetching a premium price much higher than a newer similar item would garner. Even many popular toys from the 2000s are no longer made. Early video games don't remotely reflect current versions, but they're still oh-so-cool in certain circles. With kids being introduced to tech from such a young age, it's fun to shake things up at home with toys from the past rather than only modern-day options.

Trends That Didn't Stand the Test of Time

It's also common to be nostalgic about trends from childhood or earlier adulthood that didn't stand the test of time. After all, you can still watch Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, but you can no longer get your hands on a Wonka Bar to eat. That's right. Your kiddos will never taste a Wonka Bar. How does that feel? From trendy food and candy from the past that no one still eats, to fashions that fizzled (remember leisure suits?), it's natural to feel nostalgia for what you can no longer have or share, even if it has only been gone since the 1990s.

Nostalgia By Any Other Name

Just as a rose would still be a rose if described using another name, the same is true for nostalgia. There are quite a few nostalgia synonyms, in the form of other words or phrases that can be used to represent the concept of nostalgia. When you reminisce about the origin of your favorite family traditions, or you wistfully yearn for simpler times, you are experiencing nostalgia. No matter how much the world changes, nostalgia will live on forever. Thinking about the past and daydreaming about nostalgia may even make you cry. The word isn't what matters so much as the sentiment, which can often be summed up perfectly by a meaningful quote about nostalgia.

Nostalgia for the Past