Safety Tips for Everyday Life

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Safety tips for everyday life revolve on the fundamental principles of proactive and preventative thinking. It is always better to be prepared and stay one step ahead of the game.

Leaving the House

Before leaving your house or apartment keep strangers out by locking all of the doors and closing windows. Activate your security system on the way out of the door to scare off potential intruders. Before leaving, even for a few minutes, lock your front door and close the garage. If you go out at night leave one or two lights on to deter burglars from entering your house. When leaving on extended trips and vacations have someone get your mail and newspapers and set your outside lights on a timer to turn on at night. Safety tips for everyday life ensure you are prepared for the worst situations before they occur.

Driving Safely

When you enter your car inspect the vehicle and ensure everything is the way you left it. Before you drive be sure to defrost your windows and configure your in-flight entertainment. Fasten your seatbelt after fastening your children's. Person(s) under 5'2" should sit in the back seat, as the front airbag poses a serious risk to shorter individuals. Do not use cell phones while driving in the car, even if you have a Bluetooth headset. Talking on the phone is a distraction and takes your mind off of the road. Avoid eating in the car and focus on your passengers upon arrival rather than on the road. If you use an iPod when driving, create a playlist beforehand, and avoid looking at the unit while driving.

Going to Crowded Public Places

We deal with crowds on a daily basis, whether it is at Starbucks on the way to work or at a baseball game on the weekend. Protect yourself from those around you and familiarize yourself with the surrounding area. Place your wallet in your front pocket, if possible, and keep purses snug and zipped up. Avoid swinging them over your shoulder and use the ones that fasten shut. Keep your cell phone attached to your body.

When you attend events and concerts be sure to identify the security personnel upon arrival and find the nearest information kiosk. Develop a game plan with your party in case you become separated, especially if you have young children. If the event is outdoors, bring a pocket first aid kit with you that includes a couple of adhesive bandages and Neosporin packets, which prevent scrapes or scratches from infection.

Keep your eyes focused on your surroundings and keep track of key individuals throughout the night. If you are sitting, try to find seats near the end of the row located near an exit. Unless the event is top secret, turn your phone to vibrate rather than off, allowing you to have instant access to the device if needed. Avoid putting objects on the ground or in drink holders, as they are often left behind. Keep your purse on your lap. Dark places enable thieves to grab your belongings without your knowledge.

Personal Safety Tips for Everyday Life

  • Buy and carry a personal attack alarm if you run errands, work, or attend class at night. Survey your surroundings when exiting buildings and ensure nobody is following you to your vehicle.
  • Keep your cell phone and keys in your front pockets; do not stop a thief from taking your purse. If you wrestle them for it, you could injure yourself.
  • If someone is following you do not proceed to your car. Cross the street and proceed to the nearest populated location where you can call for help.
  • Avoid taking shortcuts through unknown parts of town or in dark alleys. Change your running or jogging route every few days to avoid potential followers.
  • Avoid public transportation after dark, if you are on a bus at night, sit in a row close to the driver. If you are on a train, sit in a populated car near the exit.
  • If someone attempts to kidnap or grab you, scream for help at the top of your lungs. While laws vary by state, use the maximum amount of force prohibited by law to escape.
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Safety Tips for Everyday Life